Keeping an eye on requirement of market, PPHU Szulc (Małgorzata Szulc ) has recently introduced Gate & 7 A4 size paper into market. It’s a royal paper having premium quality.

Being socially responsible Gate & 7 is on save the trees rule also. Gate & 7 Paper includes 0% cutting or use of wood; it’s made by rice straw providing silky soften quality along with curl free outputs.



Typical Grammage Values
Parameters Gate & 7 
Basis weight 80+/-2.5%
Bulk 1.35+/-0.030
Burst factor 20+/-2
Breaking Lenght (MD) 4500+/-2.5%
Breaking Lenght (CD) 2200+/-2.5%
Tear Factor (MD) 45+/-5
Tear Factor (CD) 50+/-5
Brightness 90+/-1.5
Accepted trade tolerance +/- 5%

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